Saturday, February 28, 2009

....And then all of a sudden I stopped the priest and shouted out, "He slept with your mother!"

I have very vivid dreams. Anyone who knows me has been regaled with an interesting re-telling of my unconscious thoughts on more than one occasion. I dream about people I know, people on TV, dead relatives, people I haven't seen in years. I dream about school, work, upcoming events, places I've visited, and places I've never been to. If I had a dream journal, it would be Hollywood's guide for ridiculous and far-out plot lines. For instance:

Last night I had a dream about the characters from "The Office." I dreamed that Michael was out of the office, and Jim and Pam were dressed like 1970's disco queens and babysitting the Indian kids from Slumdog Millionaire. The end of the dream featured a gay man trying to be assertive and dominant (a-la Cesar Millan) over his hairless dog in the bathroom of an L.A. condo. Tracy Jordan from "30 Rock" made an appearance at some point, and I think someone made cupcakes.

Picture having dreams like this one 4 times a night, every night of your life. Welcome to my subconscious.


K and/or K said...

Oh how I would love for Tracy's humor to infiltrate my dreams. Perhaps I need to meditate on that before bed tonight.

Thanks for sharing--mine can be just as wacky!

Anonymous said...

Thank u :-) look at that emo boy style at this blog: