Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I like talking about myself, who knew?

So Facebook has this thing going around. (No, it's not mono, but it's just as popular among high school kids.) It's a post in which you're supposed to write 25 random facts/goals/habits about yourself and then tag people in it so they in turn write 25 facts about themselves. A handsome Silver Fox from law school tagged me in his post, so I took the bait. And as a courtesy to all my fellow readers, I've decided to reprint those 25 things here. After all, it wouldn't be fair for all those almost-strangers on Facebook to know all that stuff about me while keeping it from you guys. AND! (Pretend I'm saying the rest in the voice of Billy Mays.) Just for all you extra-special blog readers, I've added FIVE MORE RANDOM FACTS ABOUT MYSELF! That's right, if you read now, you'll find out FIVE MORE THINGS that people on Facebook don't know about me!

Can you imagine if we all talked about ourselves like Billy Mays talks about OxyClean? ::Shudder::

(1) Law school was the biggest mistake of my life.

(2) I don't think I want children, even though everyone says I'd be a great mother.

(3) I have a very passionate, very expensive obsession with traveling. And I refuse to settle down with anyone who doesn't share the same passion.

(4) I talk to myself ALL THE TIME.

(5) If I could have any career in the world, it would be flipping houses.

(6) An ex boyfriend committed 5 intentional torts against me the day I broke up with him.

(7) I started collecting turtles from places I visited after I randomly got a tattoo of a turtle.

(8) A lot of my interesting life experiences come from summers in The Motherland. It's where I learned how to drive stick, what to do with a deer if you hit one with your car, how to bribe a local official, the difference between good pizza and FANTASTIC pizza, how to drive a boat, how to drink a Tequila Boom, and how to root for your country at an international soccer championship.

(9) I have never done karaoke, and there isn't a bribe on this Earth that would get me to do it.

(10) A month in Germany turned me into a beer snob.

(11) I dance to Spanish music in my kitchen when I bake.

(12) Conservative republicans make me see red faster than any other group of people.

(13) My dad lived in Saudi Arabia for 12 years and I regret never going to visit him, even if it was dangerous.

(14) I have no problem with public nudity, when appropriate.

(15) Until Barack Obama won the presidency, I felt more pride for being Motherlandian than I did for being American.

(16) I will one day live in California, but will most definitely miss the change of seasons.

(17) If I have kids, I will send them to Catholic school.

(18) I hate modern art and can't stand musicals.

(19) I almost joined the NYPD after college.

(20) Visiting a concentration camp changed me in ways I can't describe. I don't think anyone can experience their full range of human emotions until they've visited one.

(21) I can't STAND not having my eyebrows done, so much so that I have anxiety over it when I travel.

(22) The women in my family have this weird semi-psychic ability to predict things, and I totally believe in it.

(23) I regret transferring from Boston University.

(24) I don't wear my contacts that often because I think my glasses make me look more interesting.

(25) I've had the same best friends since I was 10 years old and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

*(26) We didn't get cable in my house until I was a teenager, so I grew up watching a lot of nature shows on PBS. As a result, I can identify an inordinate amount of birds and animals.

*(27) The first guy I ever kissed turned out to be gay.

*(28) I once drunkenly danced on a table to Weezer's Sweater Song while actually taking off my sweater.

*(29) One of the most priceless moments of my life was listening to someone call the U.N. a "useless organization" while sitting as a guest in a U.N. ambassador's home.

*(30) I have a fun knack for losing/destroying cell phones. Two of my Verizon flip phones met their demise in the state of California, one fell into a pedicure tub, one literally broke in half, and I almost lost my iPhone 5 days after I got it. And you people want to trust me with a baby? Are you out of your minds?!
So what 25 random facts about yourself do you want to immortalize on the Interwebs? Do share.

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Liz said...

Admitt it, #23 is because you missed getting Late Night with me