Monday, June 21, 2010

Cacti, Coors Lite, and a gun named Diana

I spent my birthday weekend out in Landers, California. Which, if you Google Map, you will find is in the middle of the desert.

We shot some guns.

And watched some amazing sunsets.

And then my rugged bearded man from Maine put on hiking boots and played wiffleball while drinking a beer. Is there nothing this man can't do?!

Thank you to everyone who made the trip. I had an absolute BLAST with you guys =) And many thanks to Jenny for taking the above photos. More to follow!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


  • The postal code of the province of Madrid in Spain.
  • The number of dominoes in standard domino sets.
  • The age of Brandon Lee, Heath Ledger, and Big Pun when they died.  
  • Approximately the number of grams in an ounce, and used as such in the illegal drug trade.
  • The standard number of days spent by celebrities in a rehabilitation facility.
  • How old I will be on Saturday. 
I will be celebrating my two-years-away-from-30th birthday out in the desert, shooting guns and drinking beer and sleeping under the stars. And I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend it.

Happy birthday to me!

Monday, June 7, 2010

How I gained 5 pounds in one weekend

This past weekend was like a cacophony of flavorful delights for my taste buds. Homemade beans with cilantro and pico de gallo turned into a quesadilla filled with cheese, sour cream and more pico de gallo. A food truck delivered onto my tongue the perfect-size cheeseburger on a fresh bun with all sorts of yummy toppings, along with Mexican Coke and poutine so tasty I almost when back for seconds. Following that gastronomic feast was chocolate ice cream from a bona fide ice cream shop! And then, just when I thought I couldn't eat anything else, our friends prepared for us a pile of nachos with just-grilled carne asada, re-fried beans, and homemade guacamole. Hit with the cooking bug, I decided to cook dinner on Sunday night: oven-baked panko-breaded chicken, and garlic mashed potatoes (skin included) with mushrooms cooked in butter and garlic.
 My lunch today? Water and coffee. It's time to detox.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Digg asks, I answer

I was trolling today and noticed a lot of articles with questions as the headline. I'll save you some time by answering those questions for you right now:  

Are Alien Aircrafts in our Solar System? No.

Why Aren't Safety Airline Videos Better?  Because for years, airlines had to maintain an air of professionalism. (Back in the day, as family of an airline employee, we had to dress up to fly standby. Truth!) Today, with airlines like Jet Blue and Southwest offering cheap tickets and choose-your-own seating arrangements, things have gotten more lax in many aspects. Including forcing passengers to listen to 20-year old safety videos that mostly promoted the class and comfort the airline rather than what to do in an actual emergency.

Should We Nuke the Broken Oil Well in the Gulf? Great question. I'll leave this one up to the scientists.

Why Do Cult Comedies Have Such Trouble in Theaters? Because you can't smoke pot in movie theaters.

Less Annoying: Ashton Kutcher or Katherine Heigl? Trick question--they're both equally heinous and vomit-inducing.

Happy weekend, everybody! w

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My inner scaredy cat was right!

THIS is why I avoid revolving doors at all costs!!

And just for good measure, here are some other things I'm irrationally paranoid about.

Moving (!)

My house is in shambles. My belongings are in boxes. My cats are going nuts. That can only mean one thing: I'm moving!

I love my little craftsman house, and I heart my roommate Red to death. But oh am I ever glad to leave that place and move into a gated complex. No more sleeping under a window that faces the alley. No more d-bag neighbor. No more chopping vegetables on the stove because there's no counter space. ::Contented sigh::

Other things I'm looking forward to in the new place:
  1. Cheaper rent.
  2. Assigned parking.
  3. On-site laundry. 
  4. Roommates who love to cook as much as I do.
  6. Keeping my bathroom stuff in the bathroom. 
  7. Having the bathroom right outside my door. 
  8. Second floor living and stucco walls to keep out the street noise.
  9. Locked gates to keep out the crazies. 
  10. Living within walking distance of Rad Boyfriend, new roommate's Rad Boyfriend, our friends Jenaynay and Jayrayray, and a bunch of awesome bars and restaurants.
Tonight will be my first night in the new apartment and I am super duper excited =)