Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An award and a meme... can your day get any better?

*That's not a picture of me

The awesome Red over at Gingers is the Watchword has chosen moi as recipient of the Brillante Weblog Award and I am truly honored. I feel like I should prepare an Oscar acceptance speech... I'd like to thank the Boston University housing department for putting Liz and I on the same all-girls floor back in 2000. Without them, I would have never met the awesome Lizard, who wouldn't have moved to San Diego and started a blog with Red, who wouldn't have been introduced to me and given me this supercool award. Thanks for the shout out, yo!!

Red has also chosen me to complete the following meme list. It's called "One Wonders," and I think I'm supposed to write the first thing that comes to my head when I see the following words. So here goes:

1. Clothes: I hate shopping but I like clothes. Expensive ones I can't afford.

Furniture: Love it. HGTV is always on in this house.

Sweet: Reaction of a frat boy who has just been told everything in his room was destroyed except for his bong.

City: National: San Diego; International: Berlin

Drink: Gin and tonic.

6. Music: Um, perhaps this.

TV Series: Weeds

8. Film: The Big Lebowski

Workout: No thanks. Unless it's swimming in the ocean.

Pastries: YES. Anything with cheese or cherries. Or creme filling. Or a cannoli.

Coffee: Can't function without it.

So I'm supposed to pass both this list and the awesome Brillante Weblog Award onto another blogger, but aside from Liz and Red, I don't really know too many. I was going to choose Steve, but he politely declined because he hasn't posted anything in a long time. But he did suggest his friend/brother from another mother, Ben. Ben is a photographer who lives in Los Angeles and works for nfl.com. (And also happens to be one of the funniest people I have ever met.) His photography is amazing, and his blog is pretty awesome, too. So without further ado, my choice for the 2008 Brillante Weblog Award (and the meme list) is Ben Liebenberg. Check him out at ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS. Congrats, Ben!

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