Thursday, October 30, 2008

OMG, stop confusing me

Something very weird is happening in Hollywood. Agents and producers are constantly apologizing. Assistants are getting fired for making mistakes. Crews on sets across L.A. have stopped smoking pot between takes. Because every time they did a bong hit, all the actresses started to look alike. And then one day a boom operator looked up from his bubbler long enough to stop chasing the purple dragon and realized... wait a minute...

Carla Gugino, who plays Amanda, Ari's arch rival, on Entourage

Constance Zimmer, Dana Gordon on Entourage

Pamela Aldon, Marcy Runkle on Californication

Paula Marshall, Sonja, the chick Hank knocked up, on Californication

Elizabeth Reaser, best known for playing that psycho on Gray's Anatomy who had a hysterical pregnancy after getting a new face. Also Bella from my new favorite show, The Ex List.


Dude. Seriously. I am having a hell of a time here. Look at these lovely ladies and tell me that they don't all look alike, at least in some way. Every time I watch Entourage and see Dana Gordon, I'm all, "Marcy, what are you doing in Ari's world? Oh wait, wrong show." And most of the time, I'm not even smoking the herbage!

Here's another pair that really freak me out:

Zooey Daschanel

Lizzy Caplan, who plays Amy on True Blood

I posted these two pictures and then had to go back and check the file names to see who was who. Which is futile because clearly THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON!

So what in Burbank is going on here? Did some studio exec decide that all brunettes on TV must now look like his daughter? Is there a guy out there with a sick fetish for brown hair who's choosing all the actresses? Or has Hollywood become so money-hungry that they find a "look" that people seem to like and just run with it? I'm fully expecting every movie that comes out next year to star either Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie.

Wait, that's not a bad thing...

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