Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things I never thought I'd like

But it turns out I actually do.

Turkish coffee. Being from a Balkan country, Turkish coffee was ALWAYS served in my house. How does it differ from regular coffee, you ask? Well it's basically espresso, but without the fancy machine: you boil sugar and water in a small pot (a cezve) and then add finely ground coffee beans, pour and serve. No filter, no electricity needed. The grinds sink to the bottom and you just avoid the last few sips.

Winter. After doing cartwheels on the beach in California last Christmas, I realized that I would miss the change in seasons if I moved out there. I still despise the fall, though.

Poodles. I always disliked little yippy lap dogs. All they seemed to do was bark shrilly and bite. And they always had designer collars and little coats that I found just ridiculous. I never met a dog smaller than a beagle that I actually liked....until my aunt brought home Cookie. She's a poodle and she is awesome. She's smart, she does tricks, she obeys commands, she doesn't shed, and you can easily bring her the park. And my house. And NOT the grocery store.


Long hair. Not since freshman year of college have I had my hair longer than my shoulders. For some reason I always cut it the second it grew past a certain length. This summer I let it grow to just above my boobs and I actually liked it. But last month I cut it all off and regretted it the second the hairdresser took the first snip. ::Tear:: I'm now letting it grow out again.

Garden Gnomes. I can't explain this one. I just really, really like them. I have pictures of them, with them, and I plan on eventually having a (tasteful) garden full of them.

Das ist awesome


Red said...

I love gnomes, too. Maybe it's because of Amelie?

Liz said...

Sometimes I want to cut off all my hair, and sometimes I want it as long as possible. I can never decide. Which is why I tend to keep the same hairstyle for about 10 years at a time.

danielle970 said...

Gnomes are possibly the coolest lawn accessory of all time and I can't WAIT to get one!

As for the hair...oh to be a girl. Like we don't already have enough decisions to make, they throw hair at us, too.