Saturday, November 29, 2008

This truly disgusts me

I don't go shopping on Black Friday. I never did and I'm pretty sure I never will. For one, I hate crowds. I like to go into a store, pick up what I came for, and leave. Fighting my way through obnoxious people at 5am to save $20 on a digital camera does not sound like my idea of a good time. Secondly, I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. And people who come out at 5am to bum-rush the doors to Wal-Mart, trampling and killing a man like a piece of garbage in the process, rank pretty high on my Stupid List.

I won't lie, I love a good deal as much as the next guy. One of the perks of working as a retail manager for so many years was paying WAY below MSRP for a lot of things. But as much as I like saving money, I like not being bothered more. I'm not one of those people who will travel 5 miles out of my way to save $10 on a sweater because that other store is having a sale. I also won't go somewhere that doesn't have parking, even if I'm missing out on saving $20. Call it laziness, but my time and sanity are much more important than saving a few dollars.

So it follows that I was not one of those people lined up outside Best Buy on Thursday night at midnight. And I was also not one of the maniacs that stampeded the doors of Wal-Mart, killing that poor employee. Out of pure selfish greed, out of some primal need to be first in line, 200 idiots rushed the doors of Wal-Mart on Long Island as they were being opened at 5am, knocked over Jdimytai Damour, an innocent employee, and then stepped on him, trampled him, over and over again until he was dead.

Is this what our country has come to? Is this what Christmas has come to? Killing people in the name of a good deal? I'm pretty sure that's not what Jesus wanted. I hope those people feel real good about themselves this holiday season. But knowing what kind of folk a 5am sale at a Long Island Wal-Mart attracts, I wouldn't be surprised if every single one of those humanitarians is telling their family, "I didn't even see him, I was all the way in the back. It was everyone else who stepped on him, I saw it! I even tried to stop them!" Uh-huh. Which is why when people were told that they have to leave the store because a man had been KILLED, they started screaming, "But I've been on line since yesterday morning!" and continued shopping. Nice.

To everyone that shoved their way into the store that morning: I hope that when your kids open their presents this year, the ones you killed a man in order to save $20 on, you think about him and his family and what kind of Christmas THEY are having. Merry Christmas, America.


Z said...

As one who participated in Black Friday shopping the past few years but skipped this year because there were no great deals on things i actually need (that, and my wallet being on a diet), I have to say that I saw this coming years ago.
I should also add that I live 10 minutes away from that Walmart but would never venture out there, especially at 5am. That store is right next to a megaplex known for frequent shootings. Chris Rock described it best in one of his old routines.

Matthew said...

Minus 10 points for humanity. I once participated in a Black Friday melee once. It was insane. I was carried through the door in a huge mob, completely off my feet. A 350 pound black woman checked a small Asian man into a stack of DVD players. One guy busted some other dudes lip while grabbing DVD spindles out of a bin by the armful like a defensive lineman trying for a LT like season.

I also find no small irony in the fact that this happened in Nassau. The pinnacle of expensive real estate, German sports/luxury cars and general uncalled for decadence thrives in this county, along with a general "I'm better than you" attitude. Too bad they aren't beyond a good sale at Walmart; and killing a man to get there 'first'.

danielle970 said...

Black Friday = BAD NEWS. I just don't understand why anyone would voluntarily wake up at 4am and elbow their way through hundreds of other cranky strangers just to save a few a few dollars on toys. If you're buying a 100-inch flat screen TV and you're saving $4K by being their early, that's one thing. But $10 off Elmo? Really?

P.S. You should both start blogs. I'd read them.

danielle970 said...

Boo... minus 20 points for me for incorrect usage of "their."

Z said...

Matthew needs to do his homework on the area of Nassau where this was located. This was on the South Shore along the Nassau-Queens border. Substitute the German sports cars for old Honda Civics and expensive real estate with affordable 2-family homes and high foreclosure rate.

danielle970 said...

Dude, stop starting shit on my blog.