Monday, December 1, 2008

Five people I would not want to be

(1) The Obamas' future dog. I swear there's been more media coverage on what kind of puppy they're getting than of his economic policy. Do you know what kind of pressure that canine will be under? Stand up straight, don't shit in the Lincoln Bedroom, don't bite the reporters.

(2) Michael Phelps's publicist. Did you get a look at the chick he's dating? She's a waitress as the Palms in Vegas. Enough said.

(3) One of the Duggar kids. Aside from the fact that they quote scripture and don't drink alcohol and, here's why:
  • Michelle and Jim Bob (that's his real name) Duggar have 17 kids and are pregnant with their 18th.
  • They invited a family with 16 children to come stay with their flock for 2 weeks. "I'm used to cooking for so many people, what's 18 more?"
  • Their kids wear "modesty swimsuits." I'm pretty sure those are actual Duggar children in the ad.
  • They went to a place called The Creation Museum. Because that's how much they don't believe in evolution.
  • Their oldest son is engaged to some 18-year old chick who he can't kiss until he's married to her.
(4) Katie Holmes when she finds out about Tommy Girl's sex dungeon and finally wakes up from her Xenu-induced trance. Something tells me that she and Nicole Kidman will the best of friends in about 8 years. (But Tommy Girl still won't believe in depression.)

(5) Joey Lawrence's wife. Again.... he's gay, right?


K and/or K said...

I am strangely drawn, ok maybe a little TomKat obssessed. There, I admitted it. That is step one right?

Sabrina said...

Joey Lawrence! WOAH!