Sunday, November 23, 2008

I promise...

To never go to a bar in sweatpants.

To give people a chance before writing them off.

To never order just a California roll. If you're gonna eat sushi, you need a roll of something raw.

To always have cable. ALWAYS.

Not to be the crazy hippie lady with the purple house and peace sign on my car.

To to be a cool hippie lady with the sweet tattoos and awesome furniture.

To never go to a steakhouse and order the chicken.

To continue traveling the world.

To never step outside my house in anything less than pajamas. Wearing a bathrobe does not count as being clothed.

To always tip my waitress.

To never stop being obsessed with garden gnomes.


The One and Only Kristy J said...

garden knomes are pretty hilarious. there's a guy i work with who kinda looks like one so we decided to surround his cube with garden knomes, we might have dressed them up like ninjas!

red said...

Word re: California rolls. That's like sushi for pussies. Sorry. It needed to be said.