Saturday, November 15, 2008

It would be cool if this were true

I heard a pretty awesome story the other day. I have no idea if it's true (it sounds like one of those made-up love stories) but I thought I'd share it regardless.

So girl meets guy, girl falls in love with guy, guy and girl get married. They buy a house together and girl (now 27) moves all her stuff out of her parents' garage. She's unpacking in the new house and comes across some pictures from a trip she took to Europe after college. She's going through the photos and notices a familiar face in the background of some pictures from Spain. Upon closer inspection, she realizes it's her husband! It turns out that 5 years ago, they were both in Barcelona, at Park Guell, at the same time. Crazy!

I always wonder about stuff like this when I'm taking pictures and catch random people in the background. Have I ever seen them before? Will I see them again? Or will we never even know that our paths crossed until we see pictures years later?

Better yet, what happens when I get caught in someone else's background? Do these people have pictures of background-me up in their homes? Am I made fun of for what I'm wearing or having a weird expression? When they show people their vacation photos, do they have to explain the chick in the background getting in the way of their every pose?

Makes me wonder... one of those dudes my future hubby?

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