Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No license? No problem, mon!

I think everything about this ad screams "good lawyer," don't you? The confederate Jamaican flag belt buckle, the droptop, the bling. I mean, who wouldn't want to hire an attorney named P Ta?

I stared at this advertisement for a good 3 or 4 minutes, trying to decide if it was real. After a few minutes of internet research, I determined that Mr. Mon does in fact hold himself out as an attorney. Whether he's actually licensed to practice we'll never know. But it begs two questions: where did this guy go to law school? And 2) where does he practice?

After finding out that 225 is the area code for Louisiana, it all made sense. Sort of like 5 years from now when we find out that Tom Cruise's "Scientology Center" is really a sex dungeon.


Geraldo Maia said...

A friendly hello from Brazil:
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Z said...

that belt buckle looks more like the jamaican flag mon.
... how funny would it be if that scientology thing was actually true?

danielle970 said...

Good catch on the flag... changing it now.