Friday, January 9, 2009

And the card attached would say....

I have this friend. Let's call him James. James and I met about 2 years ago under interesting circumstances. Since then, our friendship has only gotten more interesting. It has run the gamete from friends to romantically interested to romantically involved to I-can't-believe-you-could-be-such-a-douche to you're-actually-pretty-awesome, and recently made the full circle back to friends. In many ways, James has become my go-to person. Whether it's because we share similar experiences or because we just get each other, I can rely on him for an objective opinion and honest advice, no matter what the situation.

James and I recently had a minor falling out due to some insensitive words on my part. (Me? Insensitive? Can you even imagine that?!) I fully expected to get the silent treatment from him, even after I apologized. I instead got nothing but respect, kindness and forgiveness. And what started out as a 10-minute "I'm sorry/it's okay" conversation turned into a 4-hour marathon discussion about life, love, loss and dogs changing color. And Internet, if you can find a friend who appreciates the humor in that last one, then hold on to them. Rad people like that don't come around too often.

....James, thank you for being a friend.