Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bitter much?

I was going to do a "How to annoy me," but changed my mind upon reading my last post. Man was I in a foul mood this morning! Since the last post sounded like the ravings of a woman in need of a major bong hit, perhaps I should tone it down a little bit. Chill out max and relax all cool, as one Mr. Fresh Prince would say. So here a some good, POSITIVE things that I can focus on:

Red over at Gingers Is the Watchword did a post about magazines today and it totally got me thinking about my new obsession:

Domino magazine. I have always loved interior design and home organization, and this magazine captures my style completely. The second I have a bit more disposable income, I will be treating myself to a subscription.

I haven't had a cigarette in about 6 weeks. I was never really a habitual smoker, but this year was definitely not a healthy one, lung-wise. I went from studying for the bar (also known as Hell on Earth) straight to two months in Europe, which really isn't the place to go if you want to quit smoking. The amount and caffeine and nicotine I consumed while in the Motherland this year was ridiculous, even for my standards. Needless to say I continued the habit after I got home. But I am very happy to report that cigarettes are now BANNED from my body!

I joined a gym. Well, to be more precise, my cousin got me a 3-month membership for Christmas. And I can honestly say that I love it! I'm not looking to lose weight, but damn if I don't feel ten times better about myself after an hour of aerobics. Yay for being healthy and in shape!

See? I'm not all sarcasm and bitterness. I may have been in a funk this morning, but I recognize that it had everything to do with resenting a responsibility that fell on my shoulders and nothing to do with being sick. And once I got over myself, it actually turned out to be a not-so-awful day. See what a positive attitude can do?! A few more bong hits and I'll soon love Monday mornings like I used to love Marlboro Lights and double espressos.


red said...

I love Domino, too. I have a subscription. It's like decorating porn.

Z-Man said...

I miss the sarcasm and bitterness already. Glad you cut the smokes because as is our new state motto (apparently), everyone loves a quitter.

A little decorating tip that will save you on subscribing to that magazine: Place the TV first and then the rest of the room will take shape.

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