Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting older sucks sometimes

It finally happened. I had a feeling this day would come, but I didn't think it would be so soon after leaving the four walls of a higher education institution. Another reason why it sucks to get older: I'm officially offended by Family Guy. ::Hanging head in shame::

I don't know about you, but I always thought Family Guy was pretty funny: the tangents, the song and dance routines, the politically incorrect and off-color humor, it was all awesome. (Especially the performance of the song for which this website is named after. Ahem.) I used to watch this show religiously in law school. I had my TiVO programed to record all the reruns, I watched it before I went to sleep at night, and after hours of studying, nothing was better than sitting in my living room with friends, drinking beer and watching late-night episodes.

I didn't really watch the show much after law school, but I recently tried to catch a few episodes online. And wow. I don't know if I changed or if the show changed, but I feel like it's gone WAY past the sexual innuendos and poop jokes for which it was famous. In the most recent episode, Peter brings home a horse. Among the many inappropriate scnenes, we see Stewie drinking horse semen and Peter moaning while the horse licks his ass. (You can vomit now, I almost did.)

I understand that the whole concept of the show is a parody of everyday life, that it's supposed to be controversial. I get that it's a cartoon and that's probably why some of the dirty stuff is funny. But there has to be a line. And I think the writers of Family Guy kinda, sorta crossed it. I'm not sure when or with what episode or sketch, but the horse episode is evidence that it's clearly happened. And for me, when that line was crossed, the show stopped being funny. I think some of the scenes are purposely written to offend people. I think the writers like to see just how far boundaries can be pushed, how far the censors can be tested. I think they became too focused on being the most controversial, talked-about show on television at the expense of a pretty funny, well-written sitcom. Just my opinion.

Like I said... getting older sucks sometimes.

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red said...

I've never thought FG was funny. In fact, the only funny thing I've ever seen about it is the South Park episode which reveals FG is actually written by manatees. Now, that's funny.