Friday, March 6, 2009

Wherein I admit to being more like my mother than I would ever admit

Someone I know recently blogged about getting older. And I knew exactly what she was talking about: that point in your life where you stop and repeat the last thing you just said, and realize, "Holy shit. I've become my mother." Everyone over 25 has had that moment, YOU included. Maybe it was when you complained about a teenager doing something you are totally guilty of at that age. Or maybe when you made a comment like, "I can't believe her mother let her walk out of the house like that. If that were my daughter...." Or maybe it was the first time you really considered, "I love him, but I could never bring him home to my family" as a legitimate reason to break up with someone. For me, that moment came when I drove past a group of boys skateboarding under a highway overpass and said, out loud, "Oh my God, that is so dangerous!! Good lord, they could roll right into traffic! AND WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?!" Whatever it was guys, you've been there. Maybe you didn't turn into an older black woman like I did, but you've been there.

And when the hell did it happen?! Wasn't it lke 3 short years ago that we were out at some bar on the Lower East side, getting wasted and dancing on tables? Not that that shit is classy or anything, but DAMN was it fun! When was the last time any of us did something crazy like that? A looooong time ago. And you know why? Because we're getting older. Being more "responsible," getting more "mature." We can't go out on Thursday nights anymore because we actually have to be at work on time the next day. And forget Friday night, that's become "me night," the one night a week we actually appreciate staying home by ourselves to watch DVR and decompress. Maybe we'll go out on a random Saturday to catch a movie, but not just any movie... it has to be a really famous movie, one we've been planning to see for a long time. Like James Bond or a comic book movie or like when Sex and the City came out. (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.... you know you dressed up in your heels and shorts and had cosmos with your girls before going to that movie! )

I could go on, but it's getting pathetic. You get what I'm trying to say here, guys: we're not 23 anymore. We're older, we have jobs, some of us even have kids. We're old enough to say "we're not 23 anymore" and actually be ok with it. We did get more responsible, we did get more mature. And we like it better than your hungover, barely paying the rent, spent $200 on a handbag, didn't go to bed last night, immature ass.

**But we're all still really jealous of you and wish we could all be that young again.

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red said...

Not only am I becoming my mother in things I do and say, I look more like her everyday. Hey! That rhymes!