Friday, April 3, 2009

Your weekly dose of nonsense

What a dreary day here in New York. But at least IT'S FRIDAY!! Yes, the workweek is almost over and the drinking may commence. Seriously, take an early lunch and get yourself a mojito. Who cares if it's only 11am, it's noon somewhere in the world, right?

For all you responsible adults who can't pick up and leave your desks to get smashed at lunch, here are pictures of some cuddly beasts. Well, most of them are cuddly. Some aren't even real.

A coati in Costa Rica

Lord. (Not THE Lord. Just Lord. That's his name.)

Sea lions on the beach in La Jolla, San Diego.

I have a million pictures from the San Diego Zoo, but this is one of my favorites.

Another reason why I love Berlin: random statues of pigs.

I heart animals so much, I let them eat out of my hand.

Berlin Zoo.

Puppies on the beach in the Dominican Republic.

Bosco in the Truckee River, Northern California.

Ana. Sweetest little puppy.

Bigger Ana and her adopted brothers

Motherlandian cows.


Motherlandian pig.

RI.P. =(

More puppies!

Esmarelda, named after a character on a Spanish novella.

Lord, five years later. And still a sweetheart.

York. He used to sleep in my lap EVERY DAY when he was a kitten.

Rottweiler on a boccie court, San Diego.


red said...

Me too! I heart animals more than people most of the time.

And I love the Apes/Chimps/Monkeys at the SD Zoo. They can be so hilarious.

Z-Man said...

Wow! You've gone from anon blogger to DSB celebrity model. Am I the only remaining mystery in the blogosphere?

And those cows look awfully familiar...Is the motherland Iowa?