Monday, April 27, 2009

There is nothing hot about Russell Brand. And yet....

Strange celebrity crushes. We all have them. There's at least one famous person out there whom you think is hot/cute/so ridiculously good-looking that you would shag them upon sight--but who would also cause you endless hours of ridicule if anyone ever found out about your obsession. Okay, so hopefully you're not jonesin' on Richard Simmons. But maybe you have a little thing for Rod Blagojevich? Oprah? Brian Austin Green?

There are a few people in my closet of celebrities I have a thing for, and I'm not ashamed to reveal them. (Well, most of them.) Here goes:

Jesse James. The tattoos, the muscles, that shit-eating smirk....swoon. I guess every girl likes a bad boy.

Mike Rowe. I've mentioned my obession with Mr. Mike Rowe several times on this website. It's no secret. But it IS a litlte strange. First of all, he's pushing 50. Second of all, he crawls into slimy claustrophobia-inducing spaces for a living. But there's something about his self-deprecating, witty humor that really does it for me.

Seth Rogan. I've always said that what I look for in a man goes something like this: first, you have to make laugh. If you can, then show me that you're smart, that what you're joking about is witty and intelligent. Then come the looks--not super important, but you have to be attractive. Seth Rogan is the perfect embodiment of that template: he's one of the funniest people on the planet, he's clearly brainy, and since he's been getting healthy, he's not that bad on the eyes.

Keith Olbermann. I want to marry this man and have 10,000 of his liberal babies.

Who's your weird celebrity crush? And are you brave enough to admit it to the Internet?


red said...

My weirdest crush is probably Alex Trebek...or Bob Costas.

Sabrina said...

Alex Trebek is yummy! Okay next in line is Wolf Blitzer.

Nicole said...

Dr. Drew!!! He is so sexy!!!!

Meg said...

Tommy Lee. Even after reading the Motley Crue autobiography. Part of my is all hot and bother. The other part wants to gag.

Number two is Ice T. Since he cut his hair...daaaaaaaamn.

I have no shame.

danielle970 said...

All very interesting crushes!! I have to disagree with Alex Trebek and Wolf Blitzer, but I def see the appeal in Tommy Lee and Dr. Drew. I also always had a thing for Dennis Rodman, despite his major douchery. Dr. Phil does it for me too, surprisingly enough.

Any others?!?