Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I did on my San Diego vacation

I played (and won) a game that sounds suspiciously like a very naughty word.

I met the Mole.

I went to a Padres game and sat in All-You-Can-Eat seats for the very first time.

I walked through Balboa Park, possibly my new favorite place on earth.

I visited Stone Brewery and had beer that tasted like banana.

I went to a dance party with the fabulous creators of Gingers is the Watchword during which a giant purple die was tossed around.

I ate at Hodad's.

I drank from the moment I got to San Diego to the morning I left for New York. And it was fantastic.


red said...

Hey! That's me. I love that pic. Flying dice are awesome!

Liz said...

hahaha, you had to pick THAT pic of me. Thanks.

We missed you at Trivia night last night - there was a question about Croatia and we got it wrong :(

K and/or K said...

So did you eat your money's worth?

danielle970 said...

Flying dice are indeed awesome!! And that's why I chose these two pics... sorry, Lizard.. if you want, I can choose a different picture of you. Maybe the one where your eyes are bottlecaps and you look like a pirate?

And we absolutely ate our money's worth at the game!! I'd go back in a heartbeat.... maybe when they play the Mets? =P

Liz said...

Bottle cap eyes are sexxxxyyy, haha