Thursday, June 18, 2009

7 things I'm glad I didn't do before turning 27

See #6 for explanation
  1. Get a real job. Sure, I've been a manager at a retail store, but that was only part time. Yes I've argued in front of judges and interviewed convicted felons behind bars, but I wasn't getting paid for it. I start my first real (read: actually means something to me) job in a little over a week and I'm actually excited. I'm not sure I could've said the same three years ago.
  2. Get married*. Or engaged. Or settle down. Or really do anything that would involve having to check someone else's social calendar before making plans, or require me to share the remote with them. There's time for that, people.
  3. Have a kid. Boy would that put a damper on my plans to drive all over California and drink wine every weekend for the next 3 years.
  4. Travel abroad alone. I know that for some people this a cathartic, soul-freeing experience. But I think I'd just be really lonely and upset that I didn't have anyone to share it with. I mean, when you see a hooker dressed like Cher proposition a priest on the streets of Berlin, what do you do? Take a picture? Call your best friend even though it's 4am at home? I'd much rather turn to my travel companion and make a witty remark about believing in life after love...and death.
  5. Make a purchase more significant than my car. Who needs that kind of debt? Oh wait, I forgot that I already owe close to $100K in student loans...
  6. Die. If I have to go early, I want to at least join the 27 Club. And definitely not from death-by-fake-ceiling-collapse.
  7. Be preoccupied with not having done the preceding things and mope about being too old**. Life is too dang short to whine about what you haven't accomplished or where you thought you'd be. As the cliche goes: life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. TRUTH!!!
*I own this t-shirt. Not kidding.
**This picture has nothing to do with anything but awesomeness.


Sabrina said...

Does this mean it's your birthday? Im pretty slow on the uptake sometimes.
Happy Birthday!

red said...

Happy birthday, D! Great list, btw.

Marino said...

Ej Pozdrav Danielle !
Evo danas som prvi put vide da pišeš blog i moram ti reći da som se nasmijo sa tvojim komičnim spisateljskim darom kad sam pročita ovaj članak.....samo nastavi tako...