Friday, February 19, 2010

But I like it here....

Dan over at [redacted] recently wrote a post about moving back to New York City after living in Miami for a few years. I left the following comment about my fear one day moving back home:
Glad you're back. However I must say, being a born-and-bred New Yorker who moved to warmer climates myself, this worries me. Does this mean I'll end up moving back to the snow and sleet, too? Is every New Yorker's inevitable plight to move someplace awesome and warm, only to realize how much they miss the En Why See? Because I really, REALLY like it here in San Diego. :-/
Here is his response:
Put it this way, Danielle. If New York and San Diego were people, New York would be Jon Hamm and San Diego would be a Jonas Brother, and when the Jonas Brother saw Jon Hamm hanging out all nonchalantly on the street corner he'd be like, "What are you doing, Jon Hamm?" and Jon Hamm would be like, "Just waiting for you to fuck it up, Jonas Brother."
All I have to say is this: if San Diego somehow stops being awesome, or if I ever tire of wearing flip-flops to work (whichever comes first), and this results in me moving back to New York, Don Draper better have an affair with me.


red said...

I don't think I really understand his analogy. Is Jon Hamm/NYC in SD/Jonas Bro land waiting for him to eff up San Diego? This makes no sense!!!

BUT! I for one am glad YOU are here :)

danielle970 said...

I think Jon Hamm is hanging out on a street corner in NYC just waiting for San Diego and the Jonas Brother to eff up and come back to NYC. I can't see that happening to me anytime soon, though.... Not unless LA was under attack and all the celebrities moved to San Diego and North Park turned into Studio City. ::Shudder::

And I for one am happy YOU are my roommate =)

Liz said...

I think a more apt analogy would be NYC is Don Draper, and San Diego is Joan. One is beautiful and talented but self-absorbed. The other is beautiful and talented but never gets the proper respect.

red said...

Liz's theory, FTW