Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wherein I rant about something that is supposed to be perfect

I know that it's probably very hot where you are right now. (Unless you live in the Southern hemisphere of our awesome planet, in which case it's winter for you.) And I understand that I live in what most people refer to as the ideal climate: almost never goes below 50, rarely goes above 90, rarely rains, never snows. It's objectively Paradise, I get it.

Only I don't see it that way. And for one very specific reason: I miss summer. I miss it with every fiber of my being. Sure it's technically summer; it is, after all, July. But it sure as hell doesn't feel like summer.

To me, summer means heat. It means getting to wear shorts and dresses and flip-flops for months at a time. It means hanging out on the patio until 11:00 PM in a tank top. It means going to the beach and taking a swim to beat the heat and actually finding it refreshing.

But here in San Diego (at least near the coast), I can't remember the last time I wore a sundress without a sweater. The last time I BBQ'ed, it was in jeans and a  hooded sweatshirt. I stuck my feet in the pool the other day and walked right over the hot tub and turned it on. The last time I was at the beach, I couldn't get close enough to the bonfire because I was FREEZING. I made chili the other week, for god's sake! CHILI! IN A CROCK POT! Which I left on all day while I was at work and the house wasn't even hot when I got home!

Mother nature, his is unacceptable. Please. For the love of this East Coaster who grew up frying eggs on sidewalks and rigging the A/C so that it would cool the whole house instead of just one room, PLEASE bless me with some heat! Just a few weeks of temps over 80 degrees, that's all I ask. I'll even take one week of 90-degree weather. I don't even need it to be that hot at the beach! I just want to swim in my pool without immediately jumping out because it's too cold.... is that too much to ask?

=( Summer, why have you forgotten me?


K and/or K said...

I retract the comment I made to my coworker yesterday, when I said, "I hear San Diego is perfect." No lie! It seems, you have taught me, it is not. I need heat too! People in MN complaining about the heat piss me off. 9 months of cold and you complain? Get a life! Or just a fan and shut up.

Best wishes for a heat wave and a warm pool!

Sabrina said...

Cousin K is spot on... GET A LIFE MINNESOTANS!!! We suffer through sick, mind numbing cold for almost the whole year so when we get some heat shut the frick up and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!!!

I hope you get a heat wave too. They are marvelous!!!

danielle970 said...

Right?! Thank you guys for understanding where I'm coming from. Eighteen months of steady 67-degree weather is objectively pretty awesome when you factor in the lack of snow and freezing temperatures. But dude... no summer heat?! That's just unfair.