Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recent goings-on

Let's get right to it!

That trip I took to Maine with Rad Boyfriend? AWESOME. We arrived in Boston late Friday night and I promptly came down with the worst case of... uh... stomach problems I've ever had. (I blame the airport Chinese food I ate in Newark. I always blame New Jersey.) Things cleared up (for the most part) on Saturday for the wedding of our awesome friends, Nick and Liz. Great times were had by all!

Sunday morning we took a bus up to Augusta, Maine where we rented a car and drove the rest of the way to Bangor. LONG RIDE, people. Not short. But definitely fun =)

Our week in Maine was.... wow. We had such a great time. I would post photos, but alas, they are not on the computer which I am currently using. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful Maine is. Mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, views as far as the eye can see. I don't think I've been anywhere more scenic since... well maybe ever!

We swam, we hiked, we ate delicious delicious lobster, we gift-shopped, we slept, we ate a lot more than lobster, we drank and then we slept some more. I rode a tractor, watched pigs eat RB's boots, walked dogs, chased chickens, kissed a Flemish giant, and tried my hardest not to make a fainting goat actually faint. (We were told by RB's parents that such activity was strictly prohibited. Despite the fact that they have A FAINTING GOAT! I know, right?)

And that's pretty much how I spent my vacation. Good times. Now back to real life, aka decorating our apartment and cooking up a storm. Oh, and we recently purchased one of these because we're getting one of these!!


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Sabrina said...

Sooo Jealous!!! I love Maine!
Those kittens are adorbs too!!!