Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to annoy me

Tell me I look "healthy" and that Europe really "suits" me.

Yes fuckers, I know I didn't lose those 5 pounds like I was supposed to. That's a little hard to do when the family you're staying with eats 4 times a day and makes things like plum-filled gnocchi with butter and sugar breadcrumbs on top, spaghetti carbonara with pancetta and truffles, and crepes with Nutella. And did I mention the fresh eggs and homemade cheese and sausages and prosciutto? Oh I didn't? Well good, more for me.

And no, the motherland isn't Italy.


Z said...

My 2 Cents, Part I

Don't you mean "How to Annoy Me II"? Granted, after 2 weeks you may need a refresher on Roman numerals but it looks better.

danielle970 said...

I've actually decided to post multiple "How to annoy me" posts. And they will all *gasp* have the same title. The nerve!

Z said...

My 2 Cents, Part II

Is the next "How to Annoy Me" post going to center around people who feel the need to always correct other people? Maybe a include a little something on Ted Mosby and then my public trial and internet hanging.