Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Organic isn't always "better"

My mom is a huge health nut. Anything that she can find that's organic, she buys. Consequently, I've developed a taste for things like organic milk, free range eggs, organic produce and meat, etc. And for the most part, organic isn't only better for you, but tastes better, too. Even when I lived alone I bought organic milk because after years of drinking it, regular milk tastes weird to me.

But there are limits here, people. There's a difference between buying an organic chicken and buying organic chocolate chip cookies. "But they're better for you, they have less fat and less sugar," my mother argued. Mom, why would I want to eat cookies that are good for me? When I look for a cookie, I'm not looking to see which one has the least amount of calories; I'm looking for the one that tastes the yummiest. And that's usually the one that has the most artificial crap in it.

I made myself pancakes this morning. But I didn't use Aunt Jamima pancake mix, no sir. I used Whole Foods Organic Waffle and Pancake Mix. Made with whole wheat flour and no preservatives. And it was disgusting. We're talking PANCAKES, people. The weekend breakfast treat that takes 20 minutes to prepare, the meal you eat with butter and syrup. There's a whole chain of restaurants dedicated specifically to the pancake, for dude's sake. Why one earth would ANYONE want to healthy that up? How do you even market that? "Disappoint your kids this weekend with a whole wheat breakfast, complete with organic maple sap that has NO SUGAR!"

There are just certain foods that are not meant to be good for you. By their very nature, they are fatty and glutenous and delicious, and that's why they're called "treats" or "desserts": because they're not meant to be eaten in excess. If we had bacon and pancakes every morning for breakfast, we'd all weigh 300lbs and die at 40. But when you start taking the carbs and the fat out of these treats, when you start making everything organic and with no fun artificial crap, you're taking the fun out of eating it. I don't want low-fat cheesecake. I'm not interested in a sugar-free, glutton-free organic brownie. And I certainly don't want whole wheat organic pancakes the three times a year I eat them. You may as well put a plate of hay in front of me and save yourself the 20 minutes it took to make the pancakes because, honestly, they taste no different.

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Red said...

I thought you were gonna tell me they were making organic Coke. That would just be ridiculous.