Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One movie, one show and one album

I've had sort of a busy year so I didn't get a chance to see many movies. But I did watch one of the movies about which I made a totally unqualified Golden Globe prediction the other day. It was In Bruges and it was damn good. I mistakenly thought it was a comedy and found out the hard way that it was only sort of a comedy. A very dark comedy. In the same way that Pulp Fiction and Snatch are comedies. The movie is about two criminals who are sent to hide out in the Belgian city of Bruges after one of them kills someone they shouldn't have. The scenery was amazing, so great that I added Bruges to my list of cities left to see in Europe. And the best part about the movie: it features a little person! Oh how I love the little people. I won't give away more details, but let's just say that I now see why it (and Colin Ferrell) were nominated for several Golden Globes.

I also wanted to comment on a show that I watched last night. I went on Hulu to look for some episodes of "Man Men" because everyone I know says it's the best show of all time. While I didn't find any eps of Mad Men, I did come across a show called "Fringe." It's like X-Files meets Law and Order meets CSI. I only watched the pilot (which was an impressive 90-minutes long) but it seems like a pretty interesting show. The main character is an FBI agent named Olivia who gets involved in an area of science called fringe science - things like reanimation, mind-reading, life on other planets - after her boyfriend dies under suspicious circumstances. Josh Jackson plays an uber-smart (and really funny) rogue accomplice to Olivia, which makes this show all the more pleasing to the eye. And it's written by J.J. Abrams, the executive producer and writer for projects like LOST, Felicity, Alias, Armageddon, and Forever Young. I've only watched one episode, but it looks promising.

Lastly, can we talk about Vampire Weekend? We all know how I feel about music, but their self-titled album is hands-down my favorite album of the year, if not the last few. It's upbeat, catchy, unique, and full of weird lyrics. Seriously, who does give a fuck about an Oxford comma?


red said...

In Bruges was one on my favorite movies this year. Writer/Director Martin McDonagh also made a short film called Six Shooter which you should totally check out if you can. I think it's on YouTube.

I watched the first episode of Fringe and really liked it, too, but then I didn't watch another episode. I decided I didn't need another show to watch.

K and/or K said...

I was sampling Vampire Weekend this morning. Now I'm sold! Thanks.