Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tony Soprano lives! I never stopped believin'!

While sitting in a doctor's office waiting room full of older folk

Nurse to patient: Mrs. Campanella, you can come back with me now. Mr. Campanella, I'm afraid you'll have to wait here, there isn't much room back there.
Patient: Aw, you mean he don't get to come wit me?
Patient's husband: I don't wannna sit witchyou anyways. [Scans the waiting room for an open seat.] Why would I wanna sit witchyou when I could sit next to this gorgeous thing right here. [Walks over and sits down next to me.] Hey beautiful. Come here often?

He then flashed me his pinky ring and asked me to meet him and his friend Joey Boombatz down at the Bada Bing. I briefly considered it until he told me he meant the Bada Bing in Jersey.

Also, this is hilarious.

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