Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Meet the newest member of the DSB family: Signorina Bellisma Bacci della Venezia. (Or just Bacci.)

Here's how this happened: my cousin Nicolle (who is basically my sister) and I are at the gym on Saturday morning. We decide to get Subway for lunch and go to the nearest strip mall. A pet store just happens to be right next door to Subway, so we go in. We both see this devastatingly adorable little face peering down at us from above and we absolutely lose our shit. The salesgirl notices our hands clutched to our hearts scrunched-up faces and asks if we want to hold the puppy. (Here's where it all goes downhill.) Nicolle of course says yes, and after maybe two minutes of holding her, she turns to me and asks, "Should I get her?" We then spend the next five minutes trying to find a valid reason to bring the puppy home. We decide on the most obvious one: Nicolle's mom is going through a divorce and could really use a distraction. We debate how their existing dog (Cookie the Wonder Poodle) will react to the puppy, what my aunt will say, how much work it is to raise a puppy, etc. Fifteen minutes later, I'm walking out of the pet store with a 1-pound, 2-month old puppy under my jacket.

By the way, my aunt LOVED the surprise. She started crying and couldn't stop thanking us. And for those interested, Bacci is a Poodle-Bichon mix. She was born on November 4th and despite the photos, is about the size of a fuzzy slipper.

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red said...

Awww! How adorable is she?!