Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekly recap: LOST

I have to say, I wasn't impressed with last night's episode. It was slow, uninteresting, and dare I say boring. Also, there are now so many story lines and twists to this damn show that they can't explain a plot line or show all the cast members in one episode. And yet I continue to watch. Because LOST is my own person Jesus soap opera and I can't give it up.

Favorite parts: (1) The Axe commercial with the pig.... BEST COMMERCIAL EVER! (2) When the soldier who runs away from Locke (whom we later find out is Charles Widmore circa 1954 *GASP*) gets back to camp and retorts, in answer to whether Locke followed him, "He's an old man! You think he knows this island better than I do?" Oh Charles Widmore. How little you knew back in 1954. (3) When Miles walked over the fresh graves and knew who had died, when and how. That is a cool ability. (4) When I made this fun connection: the name of the bomb is Jughead and Widmore's alias is Jones--Jughead Jones from the Archie comics.

Questions answered: What Charles Widmore's connection is to the island and how he knows so much about it.

Questions I still want answered: Who/what is Jacob? What is Richard Alpert's obsession with Locke?

New Questions: Who are these other Others and how did they get on and off the island? What is Daniel's connection to Ellie, who does she resemble? Is there a connection between Ellie and Theresa? Why is Charles Widmore really paying for Theresa's care? Is there a weird time/space connection between Charlie from the island and Desmond's son Charlie? Or did Des just name his son after the dude who saved his life?

Assumptions: Juliet is untrustworthy. That creepy cloaked lady from last week's episode is Daniel's mother. Richard Alpert knows about the time travel (contrary to what he told Locke in the forest) and is somehow testing Locke, or keeping it from him for a reason.

Things I learned by stalking Lostpedia: In Locke's dream he saw Boone bloodied and repeating "Theresa falls up thhe stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs" She was Boone's nanny as a child.

Oh my god the CONNECTIONS!!! Where do they all end?!

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red said...

I really liked last night's episode. Any episode without annoying Jack is a-okay with me. Two things:

I think Desmond just named his kid Charlie.

Do you read Doc Jensen's Lost columns on Totally amazing.