Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mildly exasperated

If I could describe my reaction to last night's LOST in one word, it wold be "annoyed." From beginning to end, it was just irritating. Does no one on that show ask, "who are you?" or "how do you know that?" or "why is my friend's dead body in your meat locker?" The coincidences and acts of fate in last night's episode were just too far-fetched for my analytical brain. I found myself rolling my eyes on more than one occasion and going, "Well I suppose I have to believe this in order to believe the next part of the story." I realize that this entire show is one big eye-roll, but I haven't felt this strongly about it up until now. It's a good thing more questions are being answered as time goes by, or I might've given up on the show by now. (Who am I kidding, I still would've watched it til the end.)

Favorite part: When Jack asks Ben on the plane, "How can you read?" and Ben answers, "My mother taught me."

Biggest eye-roll moment: when we find out Frank Lapedis is the pilot of flight 316 and he nonchalantly declares, "I guess we're not going to Guam."

Questions answered: if they get back to the island (unless Jin was cloned or has been island-hopping, they do); how they get back to the island, sort of (by plane...sort of); how Locke dies (he hanged himself, or so we're led to believe);

Questions I still want answered: how do they really get back to the island? Who is Jill the butcher? Will Locke come back to life once he gets back to the island?

New questions: Where did Kate leave Aaron? Who is the little dude in the leather jacket that gave his condolences to Jack in the airport? Who beat the piss out of Ben? Was Jack's grandfather really introduced as a character just for a pair of shoes? And.....drum roll please..... if they really are back on the island, then HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GET OFF THIS TIME?

And so it continues. This sick circle we call LOST. Where everybody is connected to somebody and no one asks any relevant questions.

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red said...

I agree. It was a bit of an eye-roller this week. My favorite part was when Jack said, "What's going to happen to all the other people on the plane?" and Ben replied, "Who cares?"

I'm positive the island resurrects John Locke. He's the Christ the teaser for next week told us so.