Thursday, February 5, 2009

Return of the Big D!

So Danielle Rousseau returned to LOST last night. That was pretty cool, I guess. So was watching EXACTLY what I predicted: that Ben sent Angela Chase's dad to scare Kate into thinking someone was after her [not so much] kid, thereby getting her to agree to go back to the island. Oh Ben, you are a sneaky one.

Favorite parts: (1) When Sawyer thanked God, then took it back. (2) When Sayid took down the man-nurse who was trying to kill him in the hospital. Don't these people know that you can't mess with a trained Iraqi assassin who tortures people for a living? I think he's my favorite out of all of them. (Although Hurley is a close second.)

Questions answered: Whether Rousseau really did land on the island 20 years ago (she did, and was pregnant), whether Jin is dead (he's not! I knew it!), whether Miles' connection to the island is deeper than we thought (also as I predicted, it is.)

Questions I still want answered: Why the hell do they all have to come back to the island?! What magical, mystical phenomenon will occur once they're all reunited? And will it feel so good?

New questions: What is Charlotte's connection to the island? What happened to that polar bear and the smoke monster? Didn't Sun have a baby? Or did that happen in the future? (I have an assumption about this, but will keep it to myself for the time being.) AND WHERE THE HELL IS CLAIRE?! Is she still living it up with Jacob in his mysterious cabin?

Assumptions: Locke will get off the island the same way Ben did, but he may or may not already be dead when it happens. Sayid will continue to fuck shit up and be my hero.

Things I learned by stalking Lostpedia: A member of Danielle Rousseau's team fiddles briefly with a radio and an automated voice can be heard reciting The Numbers.


Sabrina said...

I'm pretty sure Sun did have her baby. I think she mentioned something about the baby being in Korea with the grandma.

What's up with the bloody noses?

red said...

Those Lostpedia people sure have a lo9t of damn time on their hands.

Another great ep. I find myself dreading John's death.