Saturday, March 28, 2009

How about not subjecting the world to your fantastic display of douchery? Can you take another year or two of THAT?

Remember when Katherine Heigl gave ABC and Grey's Anatomy the finger and declined an Emmy nomination because she thought she was the next George Clooney and wanted to star in major motion pictures? Well it looks like she was just kidding. That, or she realized her segue into movie stardom is slightly hindered by the fact that she's a raging bitch. Ya know, either or. According to the AP:

Katherine Heigl said Friday she's ready to stay with Grey's Anatomy and the decision rests with the show … she's comfortable balancing movies and TV by working on big-screen projects during the summer hiatus for Grey's Anatomy. "I'm more than happy to make that compromise. I don't know if I want to continue for five years working 12 months a year, but I can take at least another year or two," she said.

In related news, my neighbor recently took a third job working the night shift as a janitor to avoid foreclosure. When asked to comment on the Heigl controversy, he collapsed in exhaustion and was rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital. He was later diagnosed with bleeding ulcers, but refused surgery, stating, "I can't afford to take the time off right now. Maybe next year, if the bank doesn't take my house."


red said...

She totally bugs. Ever since she corrected the Emmy announcer's pronunciation of her last name like a total C-U-Next-Tuesday, I don't like her.

danielle970 said...

No way, she corrected an Emmy announcer live on national television?! Wow. Now I'm REALLY glad I stopped defending her!