Thursday, March 19, 2009

I wonder if Vincent the dog can time travel....

I'm liking this season of LOST more an more. I feel like questions are being answered, gaps in time are being bridged, and character connections are explained. I'm very curious to see where this season will go.

Favorite parts: (1) When Sun knocks Ben in the head with an oar; (2) Kate's awesome bitchface when she "meets" Juliet; (3) The whole end scene where Sawyer basically tells Jack "I'm running the show now, so you just sit back and do nothing for once and let me handle shit." (4) When Christian tells Sun that she has a "bit of a journey" ahead of her.

Questions answered: What happened on the plane when it went down (light flash, time travel, and a runway that somehow appeared on the island); how our Oceanic group gets integrated back into island DHARMA life in 1977 (Sawyer pretends that they're new recruits that came in on the submarine); what really happened to that outrigger (Sun and Lapedis took it.)

New questions:
So if I understand things correctly, Sun somehow stayed in "real time" with Lapedis, Ben, and the other passengers on the plane, while Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid went back to 1977. How did that happen? Why did just those 4 go back in time and not everyone else? Does this mean that Sun, like Ben, can't be trusted, and she was "left behind" in time for a reason? Will our Oceanic group witness "The Purge" by young Ben? Will they try to stop it? Will the history of the island be rewritten? Is that why they had to come back, to stop Ben from killing the DHARMA people? What will happen with Cesar and Ilana? They seem way too developed as characters to not play an important role in future episodes.

Questions I still want answered: What is the deal with Christian hanging out in abandoned shacks? First the cabin with CLAIRE!, and now the barracks. Aside from being Jack's father, what is his role on the island and in this story? Why is he capable of speaking on Jacob's behalf? What is Pierre Chang's deal? How will the Charlotte/Faraday connection play out?

Assumptions: The Purge notwithstanding, I see the show moving in the direction of war. I think that once key characters are back in their respective positions of power, there will be a huge conflict involving many different sides: Sawyer, Jack, Ben and his Hostiles/Others, Locke, and Christian. I see Jack and Sawyer struggling over power, but eventually working together. I also see Sun being a lot more devious than we thought her to be, and it possibly being revealed that she's working for Charles Widmore. I see Locke stepping in and trying to keep the peace, or, conversely, if the Purge does take place, making sure that things happen exactly as they were supposed to 30 years ago so as not to disrupt the past of the island. As for the Sawyer/Juliet/Jack/Kate love connection, I see that becoming a major issue, possibly with a pregnancy and baby becoming involved. I can also see Sun doing Jin dirty, and I don't mean in the fun, naked kind of way.

Things I learned from stalking Lostpedia: Jorge Garcia's girlfriend, Bethany Leigh Shady, appears as an unnamed red shirt survivor of Ajira Flight 316.

Good stuff, LOST producers. I look forward to more episodes to watch how this story unfolds.

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