Saturday, March 21, 2009

My walking buddies

I never had any pets growing up. Both my parents worked all the time, and my mom didn't want the responsibility of taking care of another living thing. (Funny, because I'm an only child and it really wouldn't have been that hard, and oh, hey, I wouldn've had something to play with, but whatever.....semantics.)

A few years ago, my aunt got a dog. Her name is Cookie and she's the smartest Wonder Poodle I've ever met. Definitely not your typical yippy, lap dog. Because I was deprived of the love and affection of a pet as a child, Cookie became my sidekick.

We take walks together, she sleeps over sometimes, and I'm kind of her pack leader.

When my aunt got divorced, my cousin and I brought home Bacci. And how could you not love that face?!

Bacci is almost 5 months old now, and I just taught her how to walk on a leash. (And I also may or may not have caused her to take a dive off that couch while I was playing with her. Oops.)

If anyone ever tries to break in, beware the brigade of little dogs! They're pretty vicious-looking, no?

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