Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A $189 misunderstanding

The Rad Boyfriend and I recently booked a trip to Florida to visit family and attend a wedding. We purchased plane tickets a few weeks ago and we've been looking into hotels ever since. Our main criteria for hotels was (a) cheap and (b) close to our friends. Today I went on hotels.com and found some pretty inexpensive options that were super close to our friends. After emailing back and forth with the bride, I decided on one hotel in particular and gChat'ed a link to Rad Boyfriend:
me: [link to hotel]
1.4 miles from that other hotel they were talking about
and it's a 3.5 star hotel
let me know what you think
Sent at 11:10 AM on Tuesday

Sometime after 11:10, I changed my gChat status to "I think I want Burger Lounge for lunch."

Between 11:44 and 11:49, the following exchange took place:
Rad Boyfriend: Mmmm
Do it
me: ok
total is $188.92
for 2 nights
Sent at 11:49 AM on Tuesday
Rad Boyfriend: Haha no wait
Burger lounge I meant haha
me: dude
i just booked it
HE SAID "DO IT"!! Internet, if you asked your boyfriend what he thought about a hotel, and the next response you got from him was "do it," what would you think?

Luckily the hotel is really nice and close to our friends and only $84 per night, which is much less than we were expecting. And most importantly:
me: are you mad?
Rad Boyfriend: Not really
Amused a little
So it all worked out. And he's still Rad.


Liz said...

Haha, that's awesome. This is why gchat and email don't always work

Anonymous said...

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