Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Because I love food. And you guys.

I just bought $75 worth of gift certificates to some of my favorite restaurants for SIX DOLLARS!!! How did I do it? Do I have connections in the restaurant industry? Is my boyfriend's dad in the food business? (He is, but that's not how I got this deal.)

Restaurant.com is running a deal where you can buy a $25 gift certificate to any restaurant on their website for $2. Just enter the promo code COOK. That's it. And the only strings attached are that you usually have to spend $35 at the restaurant in order to redeem the certificate, it's only valid Monday-Thursday, and it's not good on alcohol. If you ask me, that's still a phenomenal deal. Bon appetit, you guys!

Editor's note: I am in no way affiliated with this website. I just really, really like food!


Sabrina said...

Kelly uses this too! She is always telling me about these awesome deals! Very cool!
Thanks! :)
Have you tried Groupon.com? I don't know if they have a San Diego\LA one, but you should see.
I get all sorts of awesome deals through there.
$50 restaurant gift cards for $20 bucks sometimes! I love it!

danielle970 said...

I know, restaurant.com is awesome! I love that it's in every city!

We do have groupon.com out here, but I'm not quite sure how it works. Isn't there a catch where if enough people don't use the coupon you have to pay or something? Is that right? That doesn't sound right haha! Educate me!!

Sabrina said...

Groupon works this way... A deal is set out there with a certain number that need to be purchased. So lets say Restaurant A has a deal. Before anyone can get the deal maybe 30 people (or whatever number they choose) have to "buy" it. If 30 people buy it the deal is "tipped" and EVERYONE from there on out gets the deal. But if 30 people don't sign up then no one gets the deal. I have never seen it where nobody gets the deal. It always "tips" and you get an awesome deal! The only thing you end up paying for is the deal, nothing else. I have about 3 groupons i'm waiting to use in the near future!
It's really worth it!
Try Livingsocial.com too, it's pretty much the same as groupon... I've also received some sweet deals from there too!
Have fun!