Wednesday, April 28, 2010

17 things I've learned since turning 27

*Redheads make awesome roommates.

*Expensive shampoo and high-quality hair products are TOTALLY worth it.

*Name-brand drugs are not.

*Paying off your credit cards early is essential.

*Skinny jeans don't look good on everyone.

*Shapeless dresses don't look on anyone.

*Funky earrings are where it's at.

*The comfort of a good pair of shoes greatly outweighs how cute you look in those killer heels.

*Don't underestimate the value of cheap rent. Living with more than one person, away from the center of everything, can save you a TON of money.

*Cooking is fun!

*Being negative gets you nowhere. Smile often and don't take things so seriously.

*Scarves make awesome, cheap accessories.

*Sex gets better as you get older.

*Internet withdrawal takes about two days. If you can make it that far, you can make it two months.

*Counter space really is as important as HGTV makes it out to be.

*Living together can wait. The longer you wait, the stronger your relationship will be.

*Respect yourself. If you don't, who will?

1 comment:

Sabrina said...

I love your list!

I can't go a day without wearing funky earrings!