Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Friday Rumminations

Happy Friday!! Hope your week was better than bad. Here are some random things I've compiled from the Interwebs recently. Hope you enjoy =)
  • Friday Night Lights comes back on May 7th, y'all!! Anyone out there who has been following this blog since last year knows ALL about my obsession with that show. Now that it's back, I won't feel so bad about staying in on the occasional Friday evening.
  • Have you guys been to yet? Because if you haven't, you really should. That link gives you all the information you need regarding the contents of that site. Nuf said.
  • I know I can be a literally nerd sometimes, but this really made me laugh.
  • Some friends and I recently played a game called "What celebrity would you be?" wherein you choose a celebrity you'd most like to look like. I chose Rashida Jones because... c'mon, do I really have to explain it?! But after seeing these recent photos of Christina Hendricks in Esquire, I'm starting to rethink my choice. SIZZLE!!!
  • Speaking of Esquire magazine, I found this survey really interesting. Mostly because I fall within the majority in my answer to A LOT of these questions. (Except for the one about facial hair. Case in point.) Check it out ladies, and see if you agree!
The weekend is upon us. Rejoice!

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