Friday, June 4, 2010

Digg asks, I answer

I was trolling today and noticed a lot of articles with questions as the headline. I'll save you some time by answering those questions for you right now:  

Are Alien Aircrafts in our Solar System? No.

Why Aren't Safety Airline Videos Better?  Because for years, airlines had to maintain an air of professionalism. (Back in the day, as family of an airline employee, we had to dress up to fly standby. Truth!) Today, with airlines like Jet Blue and Southwest offering cheap tickets and choose-your-own seating arrangements, things have gotten more lax in many aspects. Including forcing passengers to listen to 20-year old safety videos that mostly promoted the class and comfort the airline rather than what to do in an actual emergency.

Should We Nuke the Broken Oil Well in the Gulf? Great question. I'll leave this one up to the scientists.

Why Do Cult Comedies Have Such Trouble in Theaters? Because you can't smoke pot in movie theaters.

Less Annoying: Ashton Kutcher or Katherine Heigl? Trick question--they're both equally heinous and vomit-inducing.

Happy weekend, everybody! w

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