Thursday, April 16, 2009

How do you feel about polar bear feces?

When I got a Facebook update from the LOST application yesterday about how last night's show would be all about Miles, I literally yelled "YES!!" out loud in a public place. I got a few stares and one wary glance, but I didn't care. Finally we were going to learn more about Miles and his eerie I-talk-to-dead-people-but-in-a-much-creepier-way-than-Hurley ability. And boy did we ever.

As I predicted, Miles is Pierre Chang's son. Back in the beginning of the season, we caught a glimpse of Pierre Chang playing with a little Asian baby. I thought right then and there that baby had to be Miles. But then the whole Little Ben-Big Ben thing started to transpire, where L.B. was in the 70's and B.B. was in 2008, and it got me thinking: what if both the child and adult version of a person can't be in the same "time" at once? But having Miles around at the same time as his infant self in recent episodes disproves my theory. I guess, like with everything else, we'll just have to wait to see what happens.

I think we learned a lot about Miles last night: he was born (presumably) on the island to mom Lara and dad Pierre Chang. He was taken off the island by his mother (or kicked off by his father, we don't know which is true yet) when he was a baby. Sometime during his childhood, he developed the ability to talk to dead people. Naomi (of Team Widmore) approached Miles about a business offer and lead him to a restaurant where he was to find out what a dead man named Felix had to say. (Turned out that Felix had some info on that fake plane crash Widmore staged.) Miles was then recruited to go on a mission to the island. And now there he is. Working side by side with the daddy who abandoned him. Coincidence? Maybe.

I always liked Miles. He's smart, funny and really sarcastic. (Sound familiar?) He had me laughing a few times last night, particularly in this scene:
Dead man lying in grass with hole in his head.
Miles: What happened to him?
Radzinsky: He had an accident.
Miles: What kind of accident?
Rad: He fell into a ditch.
Miles: Is that a bullet hole in his head?
Miles: The ditch had a gun?
I also liked the scene where Miles is "picked up" and loses his taco in the commotion. Masked men have just thrown him into a moving vehicle and all he has to say is, "You owe me a fish taco." Awesome. And the face he makes when Daddy Chang says he likes country music? PRICESLESS!!

Now for some questions. First, who is Alvarez and how was a filling yanked from his tooth and blown through his head? Did it have anything to do with the the Hatch being built? Something tells me we're going to find out a lot more about Alvarez and his girl Andrea.

Second, where has Faraday been all this time? Three years have passed since he, Miles, Sawyer and Juliet "crashed their boat" on the island, right? So where has he been all this time? In Ann Arbor? Doing what? Why is he back? What does he know?

Third, who is Bram and why does he have to try and talk Miles out of working for Widmore? Why does he ask if Miles knows "what lies in the shadow of the statue"? How does Bram know to ask that question? What does it mean? Why does he say that Miles is playing for the "wrong team?"

And lastly, a question I have had for MONTHS: how was Widmore's fake plane crash explained?! I want an answer to this question and I want it NOW!! Oceanic 815 was supposedly found off of an island in Bali with all (dead) passengers accounted for. How was it explained to the public and in the media that six of those survivors were found on an island presumably hundreds of miles away from that location? Did the Six explain this in their press conference and I missed it? Someone please answer this question for me!!

Assumptions: remember when Naomi died and that bracelet with the initials "R.G." was found on her wrist? Might that have anything to do with Howard Gray and his son Russell who was killed? Also, I think that Pierre Chang is a lot more powerful then we originally thought. He might still be alive and well on the present-day island. Maybe.


Sabrina said...

Wow! You are so perseptive!!! I miss so much!
I love Miles too! That was the best when he said, The Ditch had a gun?
and I laughed at the Fish Taco scene too!

I'm going to leave it up to you to figure this show out for me.
All i have to do is sit back and wait for your theories to roll in.

red said...

Another great episode. I am very intrigued by this other anti-Widmore faction. Maybe they work for that butcher lady? Obviously, the dude in the van and Sayid's bounty hunter lady are now working together on the island. Curiouser and curiouser.